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What kinds of materials are there in the Cuban chain produced by the hip-hop jewelry factory

time:2022-05-11 source:sznbone Views:

 W: The Cuban chain produced by the hip-hop jewelry factory has many styles. I feel that each one looks good. I don't know what material it uses.

  D: A Cuban chain can be made of different materials according to the different needs of customers. That is to say, the same Cuban chain can be made of many materials by the hip-hop jewelry factory, mainly including the following:

      Alloy: The Cuban chain is made of alloy material. The diamonds on the top are glued one by one with special jewelry glue, so the fastness is not very good, and the overall process is relatively rough, but the production cost is relatively low. A low-end jewelry.

      Copper: Copper is an environmentally friendly material with relatively strong plasticity. The jewelry produced is more exquisite, and the copper production process is completely different from alloys. The Cuban chain made of copper material, the diamonds on it are embedded by wax inlay technology Yes, it is relatively reliable, and the production cost is moderate, so the copper Cuban chain is the most common and most popular Cuban chain on the market.

925 Silver: The production process of 925 silver is exactly the same as that of copper, but the cost is relatively high. The cost of silver for a Cuban chain needs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Of course, such a Cuban chain is very high-end.

      Stainless steel: Among all the materials, stainless steel is the only material that can be directly passed through the vacuum plating in the furnace. The color retention effect is 5-10 times that of other materials. However, the production process and requirements of stainless steel are different. The Cuban chain produced cannot be diamond-studded , Which is the Cuban chain without diamonds.