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Is it reasonable to pay a deposit to place an order with a silver jewelry factory?

time:2022-05-10 source:sznbone Views:

 W: I have been cooperating with a silver jewelry factory for a long time. Before, the order quantity was not large, and the payment was made after receiving the large goods, but now the quantity is large, they require a deposit first. Is this reasonable?

D: The price of silver changes every day, so when a customer places an order, the silver jewelry factory will reasonably adjust the price of silver jewelry according to the silver price of the day, and purchase the silver required by the order in the first time. If the number of silver jewelry orders is large, then the purchase cost of silver is also high, sometimes tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands. A good silver jewelry factory must have many customers and orders, so the cost of purchasing silver is naturally even greater. There are too many, so it is very reasonable and necessary for customers to place an order and charge a deposit.

On the other hand, because the cost of silver jewelry is relatively high, and after the silver jewelry factory completes the order, if for some reason, the customer does not want it, it will inevitably cause a great loss to the silver jewelry factory, so it is correct to charge a deposit. A kind of restraint by the customer, so that the customer will not easily cancel the order.