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How does pearl jewelry maintain its beautiful appearance?

time:2022-05-12 source:sznbone Views:

Pearl jewellery is more delicate and delicate, and its beauty lies in its crystal clear mellow, delicate luster, and its unique elegant and delicate temperament. Especially when it is used as an inlay, although the lustrous pearls gently swaying the fingertips can indeed show the elegance and charm of a woman, but when wearing it, you should pay more attention to maintenance to maintain the beautiful appearance of pearl jewelry! Today, the editor of Hengdaxin will tell you the matters needing attention in the maintenance of pearl jewelry.

1. The hardness of the pearl is very low, only 2.5-4.5. It is afraid of bumps and scratches. Therefore, when wearing pearl jewelry, be careful not to touch hard objects or other gems to avoid pits and scratches on the surface of the pearl.

2. The chemical composition of pearls is calcium carbonate, which foams when exposed to acid, so you can't wear pearl jewelry while bathing, nor can the pearl jewelry be stained with cosmetics, let alone with acidic substances, because this is likely to corrode the pearl and make the pearl lose its luster .

3. Pearl jewelry should not be contaminated with grease, because grease easily penetrates into the surface of the pearl, contaminates the pearl, and reduces the luster of the pearl's surface.

4. Pearl jewelry cannot be baked at high temperature or exposed to sunlight for a long time, which will make the pearl brown.

5. Keep the pearl jewellery properly when not wearing it. Remove the pearl jewellery, wash it with pure water or weakly alkaline water, dry it, put it in a jewelry box, and store it in a cool place.

6. Pay attention to the occasion and collocation when wearing it. Pearl jewellery, as an accessory that can show a personality, wear and match is also a science. Only with the right match can make people complement each other with the accessory and better show their personal style.

7. It is the maintenance of pearl jewelry. Generally, you only need to wipe it clean with a white soft cloth. Be careful not to damage the pearls when maintaining the jewelry. If necessary, you can go to a professional organization for cleaning or maintenance.