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Why choose us:

18 years ,rich experiences in support famous brands and growing brands SGS,ISO,BV audited and certificated
Full support:We support our customers to ship beautiful jewelry to famous department stores, high end retailers worldwide, we also support many growing brands and ecommerce brands, from 0 to 1, from 1 to 10, and from 10 to 10000…


Full Jewelry customization,vertical set up manufacturer, from idea to the final product, we handle the entire process, taking care of everything from draft to 3D design to production to customized packing to ship to customers places directly.We have professional customers service team Quality guaranteed.We have Internal laboratory and testings.


Non Disclosure , reliable and reputable,trustworthy and long term partner
Services of providing new inspirations and materials and color charts regularly


We have deep understanding of our brand customers needs, among one of them, it is to develop creative and new designs from time to time. Because of this, we can provide service of providing new inspirations and materials and colors charts to customers regularly, and update new technics and information in market to help customers.


Competative direct factory price, no middle man
Specializing on 925 silver jewelry, stainless steel jewelry and gold plated brass jewelry, especially on gold plated brass jewelry, one of the TOP manufacturer on gold plated brass jewelry, technics,high capacity, costs control and rich experiences on gold plated and brass.

How do we manage quality for brands jewelry?

1,We will make samples prior to production, and send TOPs for customers confirmation.

2,We have full QC inspection management system. We had passed ISO 9001.

3,We have ERP system to manage specs and production/QC.

4,We have QC for each production process. 100% QC of each pcs before shipment.

5,We have testing machines inside factory to test materials and content, plating and thickness.

6, We have QC training on customers standard and QC meetings each week.

7,We have long term and stable suppliers , for materials and components,etc.

8,We have been producing for famous brands since 18 years ago.
9,We welcome third party to do QC check on site.

10,We value quality. We are experienced, we know what customer need, we do all possible to make good quality.