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Is it true that the jewelry electroplated through vacuum in the furnace will not fade

time:2024-01-24 source:sznbone Views:

Q: Many accessories purchased in the market are prone to color fading, even silver accessories can turn black. Once the accessories experience color fading, it can greatly affect their appearance when worn. A friend said that accessories can be electroplated in the furnace through vacuum electroplating

Jewelry won't fade, is that so?

Answer: Jewelry factories will use electroplating technology to produce jewelry, which is to make the jewelry smoother and more textured. Electroplating can also be divided into water plating and vacuum plating. Generally speaking, alloy materials, copper materials, and silver materials will be used for jewelry

Water plating, so the color retention effect is not very good. Only stainless steel jewelry will use vacuum electroplating in the furnace, and of course, its color retention effect is also the best, which can basically reach more than 2 years. Vacuum electroplating in the furnace, due to the extremely high temperature, affects other materials

Quality jewelry cannot even enter the furnace because it will melt. It is precisely because stainless steel jewelry has good color retention, innovative styles, and affordable prices that it is increasingly favored by people nowadays.