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Do I need to charge a fee to make samples from a silver jewelry factory

time:2024-01-23 source:sznbone Views:

Q: I have designed a silver ring myself, weighing about 3 grams. I searched for a silver jewelry factory online to make a sample, and they told me that a sample fee of 300 yuan is required. May I ask if it is necessary to charge a silver jewelry factory for a sample?

Answer: To find a silver jewelry manufacturer to make a sample, the first step is to draw a 3D drawing, spray wax, sand it into a copper mold, press out the adhesive film, wax it, then sand it, polish it, and electroplate it. A silver ring's plate needs to go through more than 10 processes to complete, so generally speaking, finding a

Silver jewelry manufacturers usually charge a symbolic fee for sample making. There are two reasons for this: firstly, to constrain customers and prevent some people from looking for silver jewelry manufacturers to make samples, which may damage the market; secondly, silver jewelry manufacturers also need to make samples

Spending costs, and the sample fee charged is not enough to cover the actual cost of the sample. Collecting a small sample fee can make up for a little bit. Therefore, it is necessary to find a silver jewelry factory to make a sample, and the silver jewelry factory will charge a sample fee.