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Common Jewelry and Jewelry

time:2024-02-27 source:sznbone Views:

At present, the common types of jewelry at home and abroad mainly include rings, pendants, earrings, brooches, bracelets, etc. There are also some less common jewelry items, such as ankles, necklaces, headwear, nose hooks, collars, cufflinks, belt buckles, as well as practical jewelry accessories, such as gemstone inlaid clocks, shoes and hats, stationery, glasses, etc.

Ring: A ring is a very important type of jewelry, and it is also one of the most worn and purchased jewelry by people. The first piece of jewelry that most people have is a ring. Generally, rings can be divided into several 

types based on the priority and quantity of gemstones set, including single main stone rings, group set rings with main stones, and group set rings without main stones. Sometimes, they can also be divided into men's rings and women's rings according to the different objects of use. Metal rings without gemstones can be divided into gold rings, silver rings, platinum rings, palladium rings, and so on based on the type of metal.

Earrings: Earrings are divided into earrings, earrings, pendants, ear clips, etc. according to the different wearing methods. Earnail jewelry is usually welded with a nail perpendicular to the main plane behind the main body of the style. After the nail passes through the earlobe hole, it is fixed to the ear with the back of the ear (or cloud head).

Necklace: Necklace is the most common type of jewelry, often paired with pendants. Chain tags are jewelry that is connected to a necklace and hung around the neck.

Wrist jewelry: Wrist jewelry refers to jewelry worn on the wrist, commonly including bracelets and bracelets. The bracelet is structurally connected by multiple gemstones in a movable manner to form a chain, with a chain tail welded to the chain and worn on the wrist by fastening the chain tail. A bracelet, on the other hand, refers to a closed or semi closed fixed wrist accessory, which is suitable for wearing when the hand is tightened and not easy to fall off.