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Brief introduction of hardware accessories

time:2020-05-23 source:小编 Views:110

English name: Metal Jewelry

   hardware accessories, as the name implies, are accessories made of hardware materials, and they appear in every corner of life. From the building to the key chain, as long as you pay attention to beauty and decoration, it will show where the hardware accessories come in.

  Specifically, according to its nature, we can divide it into metal jewelry, plastic jewelry and so on. According to its size, it can be divided into household accessories, mechanical accessories, exquisite accessories and gift accessories. Now most of the hardware accessories we refer to are gift accessories.

   hardware accessories mainly include small accessories, mobile phone accessories, cartoon characters, wearing accessories, twelve constellations, zodiac signs, pendants, letters, letters, KT cats, Disney, mascots, other accessories and other categories.

   Now takes Dongguan and Wenzhou as the largest production base of hardware accessories in my country. After 2000, with the shrinking of the European and American markets and the rise of raw materials, as well as the rise of the domestic market. Hardware jewelry manufacturers began to pay attention to the appreciation orientation and consumption level of domestic people, and began to turn to the era of "small profits but quick turnover".