(1).OEM / ODM

we love to make OEM orders / ODM orders,produce your designs exclusively for your brand. We’d love to do the best tosupport your brand / logo. To ensure your complete satisfaction, we producegoods based on your specific requirements. And not only do we perform QC checkfor every process , we welcome checks by third party inspectors of your choicesbefore shipping.

We are very cooperativefactory, can pack according to your packing requirement or ship to the addressyou appointed directly.

Our goal is to help your jewelry withyour logo worn by people all over the country or the world . Your success is our goal.

(2).What is the delivery time ?

Normally 25-35 days , depend on the specific orders

(3).What is theprocess of samples making ?

See below “NewDesigns Development Process Flow ”.

(4).How can I place orders with you ?

See below “OrderProcess Flow”. Contact us today to start !

(5).What is the payment method ?

Bank transfer.

30% deposit to confirm order, and 70% balance before shipping when order isready. 

For the wholesale order, we have the items instock, 100% payment to confirm PI, and package can be sent in 2-3 days afterreceiving payment.

(Paypal and western union transfer is acceptedfor sample orders)

(6).What is your after sale service ?

We perform QC check for every process ofproduction and packing , we also welcome checks by third party inspectors of your choices before shipping.

In case there is still any defect items slipped, pls notify our sales representative in 7days after receiving the goods, if it is factory defect, we will send replacements or repair or refund for that defect pcs.

(7).Terms of Warranty:

The warranty will remain valid, provided thejewelry was reasonably handled.

The warranty does not cover cases in which thejewelry has been broken, torn or scratched.

The warranty is not valid if the jewelry wasrepaired by someone other than Star Harvest's professionals.

The warranty does not cover jewelry cleaning.


(8).Care & Maintenance Of Fine Jewelry ( for reference only , pls consult the professional jeweler to confirm before conducting maintenance for specific items)

The constant wear and tearon your automobile requires regular maintenance and sometimes major overhauls.The same is true for jewelry. Everyone will wear their jewelry differently.Some people are harder on their jewelry than others. Some jewelry is designed for everyday wear, some for occasional wear. We recommend that you remove yourjewelry at the end of the day, and before doing something physical that could damage or cause excessive wear. So if you are one of those people who"never take their jewelry off"; you can expect more frequent repairsand maintenance.

Maintenance On Rings:

We recommend that you have your rings cleaned and checked at least twice per year by aqualified jeweler to monitor the wear on the prongs and tighten any loosestones. Keep in mind that even the prongs holding the stones are made of aprecious metal, which is relatively soft and eventually wears down. By regularcleaning and checking, the jeweler can advise you when it is time to retypeprongs or tighten a stone. To keep your rings looking good between trips to thejeweler, use a soft tooth brush and jewelry cleaner. Baking soda works well tobring back some of the luster to the item.

Maintenance On Earrings:

Because an earring does not receive thesame type of wear as a ring, the prongs holding any stones do not normally weardown. The thing to watch for on an earring in the case of a standard frictionpost and back, is the gripping power of the back. Sometimes the post or theback can get bent and not grip the way it should. When you take your earringoff or put it on, take notice if the back exhibits sufficient resistance andclicks into place when put on. If the back seems to slide on and off too easy,it is possible that it can be adjusted, or may need to be replaced.

Maintenance On Pendants:

The most common maintenance on pendantsinvolves the chain it is on. It is a good idea to put on your pendant in frontof a mirror with the clasp in front of you. This allows you so see what you aredoing to hook up the clasp as well as tell whether the clasp is operating correctly. Common types of clasps such as the spring ring, occasionally stick and don't close properly, or get bent enough so the spring end does not meetsquarely with the closed end. Also, depending on how much wear the pendant receives, the joints of each link making up the chain and the jump rings connectingthe chain to the clasp wear on each other and will eventually wear out. If itis just the jump rings that are worn, they can usually be rebuilt or replaced.If it is the individual links in the chain, repair is usually not costeffective and will require replacement of the chain. The other part of apendant that receives the same type of wear is the bail. The bail can berebuilt or replaced.

(9).CustomerService & our Sales Team:

Our sales team will take care of your needs,serve as a bridge and contact window between you and other departments in our factory.

There will be a keysales representative in close contact with you.

The sales representative is trained and professional.

But if you are notsatisfied with your representative sales for any reason, youcan send email with details to  Joy@starharvestcn.com anytime.

With our ERPsystem, all your requests / order records will be stored in our system which will make any member of our sales team can be trained and take care of your needs / orders in a very short time. Your suggestions / feedback is highly appreciated. We will keep on moving, better and better, serving for you.

(10).I got more questions, how can I contact you ?

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contactus anytime.

Email: sales1@starharvestcn.com ( Key sales representative for new customers)

Skype: starharvestcn

Or contact Ms Joy Zhou (sales manager / Co-owner of factory which will always stay with Star Harvest )

Email: Joy@starharvestcn.com

Phone: +86-76985386106 / 86-769-8338 9176 

Fax: 86-769-8155 3722

Mobile phone: 86-137 1332513